About US

Founded by James P Hill, Jr. in April 2003, Account Resolution Corporation, referred to as ARC is an S corporation that operates from a call center in St. Louis, Missouri as a full-service collection agency.  James P Hill, Jr. is the sole shareholder of ARC. James P Hill, Jr owns 100% of the stock of ARC. He founded the firm and is intimately involved in the daily operations.

ARC has a strong management team.  The entire focus of ARC is on the needs of our individual clients. We recognize that your requirements will be varied and unique, and we are prepared to invest every ARC resource not only to meet, but to exceed them. Our survival is dependent on the quality of our reputation.

It is very difficult to communicate what it is like to work with ARC on a day-to-day basis in a “written” format. The user-friendly level of cooperation we provide to our clients, and the quality we deliver throughout every level of our organization simply cannot be experienced through a written document.

We have concentrated our resources on client service, and as a result we have grown almost exclusively through client referrals and expanded portfolios from current clients. Our goal has been to develop long-term quality client partnerships by clearly identifying each client’s specific needs and requirements, and meeting or exceeding them, every day. As our references will attest, this approach to service has been a tremendous advantage to them. There is no magic to the collection process, but what we can guarantee is a consistent professionalism that will help us to obtain optimal recovery rates on your accounts. In essence, rather than continually trying to re-invent the wheel, we have concentrated our efforts on refining and improving what we do best.

ARC Management team believes that a focus on these three items drives success.

Happy Clients

Happy Employees

Positive Cash Flow